Checklist for Dissertations

Students should contact the appropriate office in their school or department for details on the procedures and deadlines for submitting theses.

  • Student must verify that all pages are presented in correct numerical order and the proper size and orientation; that all tables and figures are present; that all references cited in the text are listed in the Bibliography; that the Table of Contents lists correct page numbers and titles; that bookmarks are created in the PDF; and that all hyperlinks and multimedia objects function properly.
  • Electronic copy of dissertation as a PDF, including preliminary pages and appendices, submitted via D-Scholarship@Pitt. (File should be no larger than 2GB in size.)
  • Completed and signed ETD Approval Form. All information requested on the first page must be completed. Signatures of the dissertation committee must be on the first page. An availability option on the second page must be selected. Parts A and B on the second page must be signed. The dissertation director’s signature must appear on Part B on the second page.
  • Receipt for processing fee (payable at Student Payment Center, G7 Thackeray).
  • Completed and signed Survey of Earned Doctorates. This form can be obtained from the student services staff at each school.
  • Completed ProQuest ETD Administrator Submission Form. (Forwarded to the student services contact for your school.) (Only required if the student submitted their ETD before 06/04/2020)
  • Copyright permission letter(s) from the copyright owner(s) must be included if copyrighted material is used outside of the guidelines of fair use. Such letter(s) should state that ProQuest may supply copies on demand.
  • A letter from the owner of the software license granting permission to use their software must be attached if executable software owned by another party is used in the dissertation. Such letter(s) should state that ProQuest may supply copies on demand.