Erratum Requests

Occasionally, it may be necessary to make changes to ETDs that have already been approved, either at the request of the author or in other circumstances when the faculty advisor or University staff become aware that the content contains an error. To make a request:

  • The author or designated proxy must make a request to ETD Support via a completed Erratum Form and the corrected ETD PDF.  
  • The request will be sent to the degree granting school for approval.
  • If they approve the request it is then forwarded to the Office of the Provost for a final approval. 
  • Once that approval is recorded, the corrected version will be sent to ETD Support and an erratum cover page will be inserted into the corrected version.
  • The D-Scholarship record will then be updated and a message sent to the author.

Erratum Information to Include

Title: Correction to: <full citation of ETD being corrected> 

Author: Student Name


Brief description of the correction being made and the full citation, including URL in D-Scholarship, of the original article 

Body of document: 

Description of the correction. If a correction was made on a particular page that should be noted. If something was misspelled throughout or there is a consistent error, then a summary of the issue and the change made throughout the article is acceptable. 

The body of the erratum should also include a live link to the the original ETD. 


Correction Information to Include 

The original ETD must be corrected to reflect the necessary changes. This corrected version should include a new sentence in the abstract that states something to the effect of “This is a correction to the original version. For information about the changes made, please see the erratum <live link to erratum URL>.” 

Example erratum

Correction to: Collister, Lauren. “Errata: The Dos and Do Nots.” Master's Thesis, University of Pittsburgh. 2017. 

Author: Lauren B. Collister

Corrected version: [URL of the corrected version]


The plural ‘errata’ and the singular ‘erratum’ were used inconsistently throughout the thesis. Changes have been made to replace ‘errata’ with ‘erratum’ in several instances. Additionally, Figure 4 on p. 18 included incomplete data and has been removed. The original thesis can be found at 


Page 18: Figure 4 has been removed due to incomplete data. References to Figure 4 have been removed in the text. 

Page 33: ‘errata’ was changed to ‘erratum’ in the first paragraph, third sentence and in the third paragraph, third sentence. 

Page 34: ‘errata’ was changed to ‘erratum’ in the first paragraph, second and third sentences and in the second paragraph, fourth sentence. 

Page 35:’ errata’ was changed to ‘erratum’ in the second paragraph, first sentence. 

Page 36: ‘errata’ was changed to ‘erratum’ in the first paragraph, last sentence. 

Page 37: Figure 5 was renamed to Figure 4, and references to Figure 5 in the second paragraph have been changed to reference Figure 4.

Full Text Original Thesis