Citation Management

Make your reference list and in-line citations easy with citation management tools. These tools allow you to build a personalized collection of references, and from there automatically format and insert citations and bibliographies into your document. We offer guides and workshops on two citation managers, and you can contact us for support with others. 

Citation tools enable you to:

  • build and store personalized collections of references
  • organize and manage these citations within folders
  • build bibliographies
  • automatically format and insert citations in papers you're writing
  • We support two of these tools: EndNote and Mendeley

Help & Training


  • Industry standard for citation management tools
  • Used by millions of researchers to search online bibliographic databases, organize references and related files, and create bibliographies and figure lists instantly
  • Is free to University of Pittsburgh faculty and students, and can be downloaded at


  • Is a new citation management tool that offers all the basic citation management tool features
  • Enables social networking with other researchers
  • Has a searchable crowd-sourced database approaching 100 million documents
  • Is freely available at, and we offer an enhanced version of Mendeley to all Pitt users